Pathways to Friendship: COVID-19: A Friendship Lesson from the Pandemic: Those People Who Were Supported In Smaller Customized Settings Stayed Better Connected Than Those People In Congregate Settings

Ten months into the COVID-19 pandemic many lessons have been learned on how to live in these most challenging of times. At the same time, we should remember how quickly we adapted to these challenges. Consider how quickly we discovered how to keep in touch with the people most important to us, without physically being with them. Continue reading

COVID-19: Massachusetts Update for Congregate Homes & General Vaccine Update

As many of you know may know by now, many residential providers (congregate homes in the Department of Developmental Services) have been provided appointments for vaccinations for individuals with disabilities and staff. This update is a snapshot for what to expect. We thank the Department of Developmental Services for the information. Please note some of this information will change as the vaccination process evolves. Continue reading

Pathways to Friendship: COVID-19: Spending More Time Closer To Home Means Being Closer To Your Neighbors

In many ways our neighborhoods and communities look and feel very different today than they did twenty years ago. If you think of your parents’ connections in their neighborhoods, they are likely much greater than your own, and your grandparents’ neighborhood connections were likely even greater than your parents. Why is there such a generational switch in the general loss of neighborhood? Continue reading