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We are pleased to announce that Maura Sullivan has been appointed the Deputy Executive Director of The Arc of Massachusetts effective February 1. In this role, Maura will expand her work at The Arc to include program oversight. She has served as the Senior Director of Government Affairs and Health Policy.

Maura joined The Arc in 2011 as a teaching consultant in Operation House Call. In 2014, she assumed the position of Director of Government Affairs, eventually taking the leadership reins of Operation House Call, now offered at six medical or graduate nursing schools. In 2019, she assumed the position Senior Director of Government Affairs and Health Policy.

Maura’s workforce outreach has increased stakeholders advocacy. She has led our advocacy efforts on recently passed legislation such as Nicky’s Law, Police Training in Autism, and Operation House Call.

Maura has a master’s degree in public administration from Suffolk University, along with certificates in “Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental Disabilities” from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Healthcare Management from Northeastern University. Maura is also a parent of two young adults with autism. Maura’s proven track record of achievements will serve The Arc well.

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  • Doris Jackson says:

    Congratulations Maura!!! So delighted to hear about your new position & your continued support of so many !!! You are very much admired and appreciated…..🤗

  • Maureen Shea says:

    Congratulations Maura!
    So happy to hear of your promotion and well deserved .Your true dedication and steadfast commitment in helping persons with disabilities to improve their lives is phenomenal. Always striving to improve their quality of life and protect our most vulnerable . No doubt in this position you will continue thrive and continue on your passion to really make a difference in the lives of all who rightly need this advocating .

  • Mark Corr says:

    So wonderful to see you with your son at Wagon Wheel. Wish I had known of your promotion — they could not have selected a better person for the job! Seems so long ago when we first met at the Shriver. Congratulations! You know where to find me if you should need information from this retired olde cop.

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