The Arc’s COVID-19 Updates | June 15, 2020: We Must Not Be Forgotten

In last week’s update, we referenced our concerns about our immediate future. The past week was a somber one as we approached mid-June. We need to maintain hope in the midst of uncertainty. Together, we can advocate to have adequate PPE and testing on demand available for all our constituents, including those in family homes who utilize in-home staff. Continue reading

The Arc’s COVID-19 Updates | March 26, 2020: We Are In This Together

It’s been a few days since our last update. Much has happened. As you read the short bullets below, know that on our recently launched COVID-19 Updates Center we’ll be posting links or certain files for you to dig deeper. To all families, individuals with disabilities living independently, our chapters, and fellow helping agencies, public and private across the state: hang in there. Continue reading